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Helping the poor by eliminating poverty, ignorance, starvation, infirmity and malnutrition.

رحمانی نیوز

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Rehmani Welfare Trust ® is a group of volunteers who make the difference. The Trust is fully aware of its responsibilities towards the poor by working together with other institutions engaged in the work of Poverty alleviation and developing coordinated strategies. It is registered with Central Board of Revenue (CBR) since 2007. The main objective of this organization is to help the people to gain the resources for their productive self-employment and to encourage them to fight against poverty by enhancing their Education & Technical skills. The organization will motivate these people to stand united against poverty, ignorance and oppression.

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Our Mission

is to “Uplift the social status of deprived and oppressed by helping them to live a better quality life by providing them access to quality education, health facilities and financial help”.

Our Vision

is to achieve a level of sustainable community development with respect to all oppressed and deprived segments of society.

Our Values

Unity- Mutual Help– We feeling – Teamwork and self respect

About Us

First of all, an organization at District level (Top to down approach) will be formed with the help of local community These selected people will be given a chance to elect their own leaders. There will not be any involvement, whatsoever of Central Body in selection of District Team ignoring the locals. This organization will be asked to organize similar organizations at Tehsil and Town level. These Tehsil and Town organizations will form units at Union Council level. If required these Union Council Organizations will spread this process of formation of units up to block level leaving no person untouched.

Rehmani Welfare Trust will be a non profit organization as is vivid from the mission statement. All activities will be based on the concept of welfare of the people. The funds will be generated through various activities and will be spent on provision of services mentioned in the Mission Statement.

Emergency Calls


Vocation Students




Water Filteration Plants


Services & Projects

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Rehmani Vocational Training Centers

The economic prosperity is directly related to Social Development. Social Development in these days cannot be thought of similarly, without participation of both men & women, National development cannot be gained.

Main purpose of Rehmani Vocational Training Institute is to create an enabling environment for the rehabilitation of ultra-poor and needy girls & women. Its aimed is to improve income generation opportunities by enabling skills development, improvement of basic business and financial skills, women’s entrepreneurial development and employability through promotion of a competitive skills training market.

The institute is providing free education, skill trainings on stitching (tailoring), embroidery, cooking, trainings and different computer courses so they can earn for themselves in future. Currently, The financial support also provides to students for higher education. The overall goal of the vocational training institute is on ‘Women’s sustainable livelihood development.

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Rehmani Formal Education Program

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Rehmani Free Medical Dispensaries

Rehmani Welfare Trust ® committed to provide all of our services and support at free of cost for poor and deserving patients. We offers free medical dispensaries, camps, services and medicine support in Pakistan. The Trust helps the deserving patients through arranging the free medical services and medical camps. Under the health & Hygiene program, Trust has following initiative as well as

  • Rehmani Free Dispensaries
  • Free Eye Camps
  • Free Medical Test Laboratories
  • Free Ambulance Service
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Rehmani Clean Drinking Water Program

Shortage of clean drinking water is one of the major challenges to Pakistan’s survival. Water is the most important and basic necessity for human lives. The drinking water quality in all cities and towns of Pakistan division is unsafe and does not meet the WHO’s drinking water guidelines. Majority of our people suffering from water-related diseases, such as typhoid, cholera, dysentery and hepatitis, which are responsible for one third of all deaths.

Rehmani Welfare Trust ® paid attention to the water crisis, to ensure smooth provision of this most basic public health necessity to the deprived people in our area. Trust is working on the access to clean and safe drinking water in rural areas through installation of Hand pumps, Tube walls, and water filtration plants.

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Rehmani Free Ambulance Service

Rehmani Welfare Trust ® is providing Ambulance Services for non-profit-making. It is auxiliary (additional help and supportive) Medical Service is to provide a free non-emergency ambulance transportation service to the public of our community such as, District Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Wanike Tarar, Naukhar, Talvandi Mosa Khan and Alipur Chattha. Our main target patrons are those who need the medical care & attention are referred by the out-patient clinics of Hospital Authority and private hospitals.

The Ambulance services also available to pick patient from home to hospital. We currently have over 6 ambulances on our network within Gujranwala division alone and still expanding within and other cities of Pakistan.

Rehmani Welfare Trust ® Ambulance Services currently provides non-emergency patient transport to more than 10,000 patients annually.

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Rehmani Community Support Program

Food Support Program

Rehmani Food program provides daily commodity, foods items in form of food packages to widows and orphans including the destitute and deserving people, living on Pakistan.

Monthly Stipend

Rehmani Welfare Trust has organized fund as monthly stipend for deserving students for the enhancement higher education.

Ramadan Packages

Till the date trust has facilitated around 9500 families in form of Ramadan Packages.

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