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Rehman Welfare Trust is a non-profitable, non-political public development and welfare organization registered under Society act 1860. Rehman Welfare Trust has substantial experience of interaction with rural communities sharing and disseminating information on continuous basis. (RWT) also possess profound experience in implementing development projects, it has achieved experience through its active involvement in wide range of Skill building and livelihood sectors, it has devised its action plan.

It also aims at building solidarity among stakeholders, especially NGO partners in relation to standardization of services, replication of best practices etc. (RWT) strongly believes in community participations a key factor in the development. It is strongly committed towards the wellbeing of the communities surrounded by the widespread ignorance, poverty, multiple social backwardness, financial and educational problems. It believes in the uplift of communities through own potentials developing linkages with relevant line agencies and building their capacities. The interventions made so far by (RWT) are totally owned by the local communities and the Government of Pakistan.

Its Mission statement “We serve and protect the needs of the humanity suffering with socio-economic calamities, during peace and disaster regardless of ethnicity, faith, race or nationality. We advocate the rights based policies and durable solution for the most marginalized communities.

”. The core values of the Organization are the efficiently and effectively implementation of the different development, relief and rehabilitation related projects with the active and productive partnership of the local organized community groups.

  • Rehman Welfare Trust is working on four mega projects Health, Education (Vocational Training Center), and Poverty and Disaster Management.
  • Our Goal is to facilitate civil society from gross root level.
  • (RWT) Considering that improved responses for child victims and witnesses of crime can make children and their families more willing to disclose instances of victimization and more supportive of the justice process.

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