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Program Strategy


The Programs strategy is to demonstrate effective community participation techniques for development by focusing on social mobilization and guidance. The empowerment of target population groups including women through skill development training and motivation of people to initiate development activities at grass root level.


Area profile with required information on economic status is collected to prepare a strong base for development. The particular areas are visited along with the activist and initial dialogue is arranged with the community in order to form the community organization/development group.


Important skill and awareness is given to organized group with regard to identification of community needs, locating the internal and external resources to address these needs and management of these resources to produce the results of improvements in a particular sector of economy in that community.


Prepare a work plan to initiate development with implementation strategy and completion of the development activity. It is a part of Programs to enhance the monitoring and assessment of impact of the development intervention in the communities through series of training Programs.


Core Value:

  • We believes in working together for:
  • Economic and social justice.
  • Development in health sector.
  • Mobilizing and promotion in education zone.
  • Respect for human rights and democracy.
  • Gender equality.
  • Poverty mitigation.
  • Sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Respect for cultural diversity.
  • Development with equity.


Following are the focus areas Rehman Welfare Trust development activities.

  • Vocational & Skill Development Trainings
  • Providing financial and technical assistance to the farmers to improve production
  • Food Security Programs (FSP)
  • Training! Facilitation to communities and Government departments
  • Education specially children and girls education
  • Community Health services — improving basic health services hygiene conditions.
  • Computer Literacy especially youth and professional to enhance their abilities

Future Planning

  • Latrine construction at public places.
  • House construction for vulnerable families (widows, orphans, disables, less income families, Flood affected families, affected  by cross border firing and land sliding).
  • Community mobilization and community organization at vulnerable areas of communities
  • Build Old house for the old people at district level
  • Establishment of primary education institutions at deserving areas.
  • Establishment of mother & Child Care centers at remote areas.


Rehman welfare Trust has accomplished Combined activities with the collaboration United Welfare Trust

RWT has completed health activities with the collaboration of united welfare trust.

Promotes health camps and awareness Programs in communities.


United welfare trust plays vital role in the community and provided free treatment and free medicine for patients




.Annexure – A Institutional Setup of (RWT)




To the Board of Directors

Rehman Welfare Trust of Pakistan has board of directors containing seven members. The BoD is core policy making body. The Executive Committee looks after the operations and day to day organizational matters. However, all policy matters are decided in BoD meeting.  The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) reports to BoD.


No Name Profession Sex Position Years on the Board
1 Mian Riaz Ahmed Business Male President 5-Years
2 Khalid Hussain Business Male Senior Vice President 5 year
3 Dr. M.A Rehman Doctor Male Junior Vice President 5 Years
4 Haji Mujahid Sattar Business Male General Secretary 5 years
5 Ms Nusrat Rehana Business Female Joint Secretary 5 years
6 Mr. Faiz Ahmed Business Male Finance Secretary 3 year
7 Mr. Haji Abdul Sattar Business Male Office Secretary 3 years



a. Name of the organization: Rehman Welfare Trust
b. Date of  establishment of organization 18-Sep-2006
c. Type of the organization) Non Governmental organization (NGO)
d. Legal status Registered under Society act 1860
e. Operational Districts Islamabad, Rawalpindi
f. Name of head of the organization Mr. Mian Riaz Ahmed
g. Postal address: Office 3-4 babu plaza Naseerabad
h. Office phone numbers – landline: 051-5873551
i. Fax: 051-2315040
j. Email:
k. Website:
L. Key contact person Tahir Mahmood Anwar
M. Cell number of the key contact person 0333-5090555, 03235902669


Primer Rehman Welfare Trust (R.W.T)

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